670 – Dr.Jemsek’s case

Excerpted from REDOrbit.com

CHARLOTTE, N.C. _ By the time DeAnn Lipe found Dr. Joseph Jemsek, she had been sick for seven years.

It started with pain in her chest and tingling in her toes. Then came pain in her hips and left eye, memory loss and incredible fatigue.

Doctors diagnosed allergies, gallbladder disease and depression. They prescribed steroids, antibiotics and antidepressants. Nothing helped.

Then a nurse friend noticed a rash on Lipe’s arm and referred her to Jemsek, an infectious disease specialist. At his Huntersville, N.C., clinic, Lipe found her answer _ Lyme disease.

That diagnosis put her in the middle of a national medical dispute that has been dubbed the “Lyme Wars.”

At the center of the fight is Jemsek, one of 30 doctors in 10 states to be brought before licensing boards for discipline because of the way they diagnose and treat the tick-borne disease.

Jemsek and other so-called “Lyme-literate” doctors say chronic Lyme disease is rampant, often ignored and needs to be treated with antibiotics, both orally and intravenously, for months or even years.

Mainstream physicians say the approach of aggressive Lyme doctors is dangerous and without scientific merit. Persistent Lyme disease is rare, they say, and there is no evidence to support treatment with antibiotics for such a long time.


One Response to “670 – Dr.Jemsek’s case”

  1. Chronic Lyme is here, there is no denying it. We must all get together and force a reconsideration, if not perhaps, to ensure all of us who are affected, have a chance to live. Moreover, those who put up road blocks(or never even treat the infected) need to be replaced and our government must bring all of them, before the court, so they may explain their decisions and the bribes they have received from…the healthcare industry.

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