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Sometime around 1992, I was bitten.  I never saw a tick or had a bulls-eye rash and I slowly began taking on strange symptoms.  Probably because I was a marathon runner and an avid athlete, I fended off the neurological problems for eight more years. 

 I have been chronic and on daily IV antibiotics for 9 years now.  Additionally, I have been wheelchair bound for the past two years which is a long stretch from running long-distances.

 Aside from the shenanigans the insurance companies and medical professionals have put me through, I am deeply dissappointed with an individual I had met 20 years ago at one of my races.  He had chronic Lyme and had retreated to his own depression and despair.  In his isolation, he did not share his experiences and knowledge with others.  Had he done so, possibly I and others would have been better prepared for the truths about this disease and how to avoid it.

 The mission of this blog is to succinctly share as much informaton as possible to prevent others from experiencing this nightmare and to help those already afflicted with it to have a better quality of life.

One final note: because of the large chronic community I am involved with, I have come across a unique, and unorthodox treatment which is having some promise.  I will share it with everyone once I am further  convinced of its success.

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