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It has been over 1 ½ years since I stopped taking antibiotics and began this alternative , unorthodox detox and natural healing process.  Many times I questioned the efficacy of the treatment, but when I accidentally came across a post that I published over a year ago that listed my symptoms that have improved , I thought that it’s time to start tracking and logging these improvements.

In doing so, it’s probably wise to backtrack a bit and recapture my earlier experiences first.  So please bear with me while I bring things up-to-date.

For more information, please visit:

Alusha Wellness http://www.alushawellness.com/index.html

46 Responses to “991 – Blogger Log”

  1. Winter 2009 : It has been 4 years of daily intravenous antibiotics and there doesn’t appear to be any end in sight. Even though I am a foolishly optimistic person, I am feeling desperate to try something new.

    One of my IV League buddies, Barry, has been having some success with an ex-Soviet doctor, Maggie, who lives in CT. Through deep/painful massages and herbal teas, she has been able to detox Barry and rebuild his immune system. He claims his arthritic pains have diminished along with several other LD symptoms.

    I have tried so many different types of treatment, what’s one more.

    So one morning, Barry and I took the 40 mile trek to meet Maggie. When we arrived at her home, her driveway was a sheet of ice. Since my worst Lyme problem was my rigor mortis-like log legs, walking on the ice into her home was impossible. I desperately clutched the parked cars in her driveway and carefully inched my way into her home. Even though I had run a marathon a few years ago, this day I was like an old man afraid to fall and break a hip.

    I stumbled into her kitchen and sat at her kitchen table. At this point, I thought to myself, “Barry, what the hell are you getting me involved with now”. There was nothing in this home that slightly resembled a Healing Facility or a Lyme treatment center.

    At this point, I expected a well-dressed man to walk out of the shadows smoking a cigarette telling me I’ve just entered the Twilight Zone. Instead, a pleasant middle aged woman in a frock and broken English greeted us. Barry, in his frat-like demeaner exchanged platitudes and laughs with Maggie. He introduced me and we all sat.

    Sharing in the jocularity, I strategically weaved my Lyme history into the conversation. Maggie then began telling me stories of several of her other patients who were much worse than I that are better today because of her treatment. She added that she believed she could help me. Cynically, I reflected back on all the physicians over the past 10 years that insisted the same. They had all failed, yet not one offered my money back.

    After about 15 minutes of talking, Maggie and Barry walked to the back room for his massage.

    I heard a lot of slapping going on in the back room. Sounds painful I thought. I jokingly asked myself, is this an exorcism? A blood letting? Either way, it’s Voodoo and for the next 40 minutes, I was thinking about how to get out of here gracefully.

    • Spring 2009 : It has been a few months since I first met Maggie. Barry has been going regularly to her for biweekly massages. He also drinks her detox teas religiously and now happily swears that his chronic Lyme pains are completely gone. He is also jubilant that the dexterity in his hands has returned enabling him to finally be fully productive in his Auto Body Shop.

      Me on the other hand, have worsened to the point where I can no longer get to the doctors office for I.V.s without falling in the office walkway. When I fall, I then have to crawl to the steps to get back up. I did try having the I.V.s administered at my home, but my situation is quickly deteriorating. Any cynicism I may have about Maggie is now overcome by desperation.

      Maggie’s icy driveway certainly has melted by now so I schedule an appointment.

      Initially, Maggie requires 5 straight days of 40 minute massages so she can familiarize herself with your body. I guess this strategy is some sort of low cost Soviet x-ray equivalent. Whatever it was, I was amazed that she was able to massage my muscles and tendons and accurately diagnose which limbs and digits I was having the most problems with.

      Following the 5 days of massages, I began gaining some mobility in my rigor mortis like legs. It was small progress, but with nowhere else to turn, I was convinced the treatment was worth pursuing.

      For the following weeks, Maggie continued her massages. She also provided some custom made detox teas to replace all the antibiotics I was taking. The thought of giving up all the drugs I had become dependent on was terrifying.

      • Summer 2009 : First of all, being off antibiotics after nine years feels amazing. Some energy has returned; my intestines are functioning again; and my weight has come down. Sure, compared to the plethora of Lyme symptoms I still have, it still feels dramatically better. And best of all, it gives me hope.

        But, the most amazing improvement I’ve experienced in this short period of Maggie’s treatment is being able to sleep through the night. For twenty years, I have been sleeping only 2 hours each night due to intense sleep apnea brought on by Lyme. Because I’ve always pushed through my pains and obstacles, I just dealt with the lack of sleep. I’m sure this exacerbated the Lyme. Regardless, waking after that first full night of sleep is like an orgasm that lasts the entire day.

        So now in only thee months of biweekly deep tissue massages and Maggie’s customized herbal teas which I was drinking twice a day, I was becoming a true Maggie Meshki believer.

      • Fall 2009 : The treatment is progressing slowly. Maggie reassures me that after 9 years of antibiotics, it is necessary to give the treatment some more time. She believes this is especially true since the detox process takes time and that recovering naturally after 19 years of having Lyme disease also takes time.

        Of course, when people tell me to just be patient, I get even more skeptical. So I make a concerted effort to ask a lot questions about Maggie’s other patients.

        She tells me about A. who was much worse than myself. A.’s LD had gotten so bad, he had no feeling sensation anywhere in his body and he could only crawl around on the floor. One of the top hospitals in Boston could not determine E.’s problem and wanted to perform brain surgery. Outraged, his wife took him from the hospital and brought him to another hospital in western CT. There, they also could not identify the cause of his problem. While he was in this Ct. hospital, things had gotten so bad, he was given his last rights. Again his wife took action except this time word surfaced about this woman in Woodbury, CT. who seems to perform miracles. Maggie spent the next year treating A. at which time feeling began to creep back into his body. Today, E. has fully recovered and is once again able to cut down trees and move heavy logs.

        Another patient, B., was an older gentleman who also had LD. His LD severely affected his respiratory system. His breathing was so impaired that he could only walk a step before he needed to stop and rest. Again, Maggie spent several months repairing B.’s immune stem so that he could combat the disease. Today, B. breathes dramatically better and functions like he should for his age.

        Over the coming visits, she shares many more success stories. Additionally, when I get a chance to meet these people, I ask them several questions to confirm the stories and to get a feel for how long it may take me overcome my situation.

        I think to myself, if they can persevere with much worse, than I can too.

      • Winter 2010: Things are still progressing nicely. One of the big improvements I have experienced recently is the use of my fingers. Taking advantage of this, I decide to start up this blog and share the ten years of LYME knowledge I’ve gathered thus far.

        Another interesting development is that other Chronic colleagues from previous doctors are learning of my success and beginning to seek out Maggie’s treatment as well. Since they have not had the same paralysis and nerve damage as I, they seem to be healing much quicker. Of course, I am very pleased for their progress. For me, I remain optimistic.

    • Spring 2010: Just when I thought that I was reaching the finishing line…

      All the muscle cramping and knotting throughout my body has significantly loosened up. I own a fair amount of exercise equipment in the house and my workouts have increased to 2 hours a day.

      Lame as the workouts might be, it is a big improvement. Where I once could not peddle the stationary bike at all, I can now do a very slow 30 minutes. I can also do 15 minutes on the treadmill, though still holding the rails.

      Strange as it might seem, I can finally stand upright and I feel confident that I will walk without assistance soon.

      OH WELL. Whether it be impatience, over ambition, or just Murphy’s law, after getting dressed one morning, I tried to walk. I began falling and pinned myself against the wall in the corner of the room. My leg and knee were bending in the wrong direction in order to ffall properly. Desperately trying to hold myself from falling, I knew that my knee would break if I dropped to the floor. For about 40 minutes, with my knee in excruciating pain, I held myself up trying to figure how to get to the floor.

      Exhausted and no longer able to hold myself up, I twisted my body some and just collapsed down. I managed not to break the knee but did tear the ligaments.

      So much for walking…

  2. Could you please tell me her full info first and last name w adress and contuct number, I really appretiate!
    Many thanks

    • Mimi,
      You can give Maggie a call at 203-266-4707. She is generally very busy with other Lyme patients, so if she doesn’t answer immediately, try again later.

  3. I have tried to calling her so manny times, but no succses,
    I really need to see her
    someone online send me her address but am not sure if that is right, 34 mountain Rd woodberry Ct…. I would like to send letter to my story and see if she can help me before I will show up. If u can help will thank you so much… This is my email bird27jn@yahoo.com

    Many many thanks

    • Mimi,
      She operates by herself and is swamped with extremely sick people as you can imagine. She has had such terrific success with some of the most extreme Lyme patients, including myself, that I am trying to help her expand to help more people.

      I will try to contact her to expect your call.

      The address you have is correct.

  4. Thank you so much Rob I am so thankfull,
    hopefully she will help…. You mantiined herbal teas in your blog what is Maggie meshki tea? It’s her brand or???? Ohh and is meshki her last name?

    • I know it seems like Voodoo, especially for those chronic patients that have tried traditional antibiotc treatments, but the combination of medicinal massages and proprietary detox teas have significantly improved some severely crippled LD patients.

      The teas are in the process of being patented. Today, she makes them herself. You can understand that I am not at liberty to share the ingedients, but it’s all natural and non allergenic.

      Being very crippled, I was the biggest cynic. I spoke to several of her patients before agreeing to be treated. Some of these people were so bad hat they had attempted suicide at one time or another before finding Maggie,others were even worse. They all recovered tremendously and now feel they owe Maggie their life. That said, the following has improved signicantly for me since treatment:

      Severe spasms and twitching;
      Mental clarity;
      Use of much of my arms and legs;
      Insomnia and sleep apnia;
      Muscle stiffness;
      Sitting upright in a chair;

      My very elevated liver enzymes became nearly normal shortly after treatment began; and
      My high cholesterol is under control.

      Please keep in mind that I have nothing to gain from this referral.

      I wish you the best,

      • Hello Rob,

        Where does she sell her tea? How much does she charge for tea and per treatment? Thank you very much!

  5. Thank you rob I will be asking Mrs meshki, when I call then.

  6. Sabrina,

    I am still playing catch up on the Blogger Log page. Please keep in mind that 20 years of having LD and 9 years of antibiotics has done a lot of irreparable damage to my nervous system.

    My legs have not fully regained their strength, but I can stand upright now where I could not before. My mental clarity is as sharp as ever. My sleeping habits are terrific and my kidneys have healed.

    I remain optimistic. Healing naturally is a slow process. Especially when it comes to nerve damage.


  7. My wife was diagnosed early ALS in 12/13. Symptoms haven’t changed much since so the say it is slow progression…slurred speech, fasciculations all over (twitching). She is very strong so no weakness other than R thumb and index which may be carpal tunnel.

    Question to all is: She has had two EMG tests performed that show irregular responses to needle irritation. Can this happen and still be LD? Or is it only “positive” when ALS is truly present?

    BTW, we are pursuing LD testing but spinal, Western blot both negative. Trying to get them to treat her with antibiotics to see if it helps.

    • Steve,
      First of all, none of the LD tests are conclusive, not even the spinal tap. So, unless you are seeing a LYME LITERATE doctor, you’ll never be confident in the diagnosis. Also, IMHO having ALS doesn’t mean it wasn’t triggered by an infection like LD. So, pursuing LD treatment seems like a viable strategy.
      Whatever you decide, I wish you the best,

  8. my daughter is being treated by Meggie and i know you stopped seeing her. I’m curios to know why and how are you doing without the teas?

    • A,
      I started off very poorly physically (i.e., severely crippled). With her treatment, I improved dramatically and got too confident one morning,; I fell and tore a ligament. Things got dramatically worse from there to the point where I could no longer drive or get to Maggie’s.

      I have not seen her in two years and my condition has deteriorated to the point of no return. Other Doctors and rehab centers have not been able to help. Obviously, it was an unfortunate set of circumstances.


  9. I am so sorry Rob . What a difficult journey. Is there no way you can get to Maggie for treatment by way of a driver or hire a person to pick up ur tea.??
    My 10 yr old has been on anti b’s for 5 months (Not much comparatively) Bi polar like symptoms and we found out it was bartonella. The meds are helpful but my maternal instincts tells me anti b’s are not the end all here. No more raging but cognitive skills are worse by the week and his belly hurts often . Not much energy and he is not in school. With all the supplement’s and Methyl and detoxes and herbs and blah blah blah. It’s all a crap shoot and my kid is the guinie pig. I am going to Maggie and hope and pray that we can abort these meds. Even many of the hard core naturalpaths however are using antibiotics. I am just not sure about anything except that I am not sure!!!!!! Its a 3 hour drive to her so weekly massages for my sons will be difficult. Thanks for your blog!!
    Elizabeth from NJ

    • Liz,
      I hate to see children afflicted with LD. It robs them of their best years. Let’s hope Maggie can help. I have seen her do amazing things for very sick people.

      Since you are so far away, can you find a local person who can do deep-tissue massages? They may be more expensive, but with gas, car wear and tear, time, etc., it should be a better option.
      I hope he gets better,

      • Thanks!

        I will look for that locally. I am not really sure if that’s the primary therapy of Maggie? I just read that she is helpful. I spoke with her and she was brief. I will look for a medical massage therapist and see if that helps but we will keep our Maggie apt.


    • Hi I saw your comment about your daughter seeing Maggie. I have a daughter with lyme and was wondering if seeing her has helped. Could u look me up on fb or call me. Julie DiMambro 313 9103529. I am in Michigan. Thank you

      • Hi Rob. It’s Julie here from MICHIGAN. I know tht the tea from Maggie should be kept in the fridge but do u know if the oil and other small bottles have to be kept in fridge? Thanks

      • Hi Julie,
        I hope things are going well with Maggie.
        She has many recipes, so I am not sure which ones she has given you. Though, all of the things she did provide me did need refrigeration.

    • Elizabeth from new jersey…how is your daughter doing with the treatment from maggie. My name is Julie and my number is 313 9103529

  10. Thank you Rob. For the first time in months Nina didn’t have a headache yesterday. Has one today but at least we know it’s possible to not😊 hoping you are well. This is only week two so we will see what happens

  11. Thank you. Will let u know

  12. Hi Rob. Julie here. I was wondering if the teas ever made you nauseaus. NIna took the tea and a couple of times it made her feel sick. I am trying to be in contact with maggie but she is in russia. Her sister is letting her know, but I was curious…her headaches had stopped up till a couple of days ago. She has had a couple of doozies within the past couple of days. Would your symptoms come and go occassionally? Just wondering…thanks for any info you may have

  13. Julie,
    I personally did not experience nausea from the teas, but truthfully, the teas have a pretty funky taste to begin with. Additionally, I did have a number of Herx reactions in the early days so I am not surprised that Nina is having a relapse episode.

    Hopefully, Maggie will get back to you soon.
    All the best,

  14. Thank you

    • Hi Rob. How are you doing. I just wanted to let you know how incredibly well my Nina is doing. It has been close to 8 months with Maggie and it’s amazing. Thanks so much got your help. I hope you are back on Maggies regimen. Thanks again

      • Julie,
        I’m thrilled that Nina has had success with Maggie’s treatment. I am not surprised, but when patients undertake this unorthodox style of detox and healing I never know if they have the patience to stick with it.
        Thank you very much for keeping us posted ton your progress. Now you can enjoy this beautiful weather, and please stay out of the high grass.
        All the best,

      • Hi Julie. Thank you for sharing Nina’s story. My girlfriend has been suffering with LD for past 15 years, more drastically so for past 4 years where she is half paralyzed, can’t talk nor write much at all, her organs are shutting down quickly, and she is dealing with excruciating pain at all time. We have been so many LLMDS including extremely famous ones like Dr. H and Dr. K thus far putting us in $300k over debts. We simply need miracle here. Maggie sounds extremely hopeful but she is not answering nor returning her calls. Julie, Rob, Aleyna, or anyone, can you guys help us out on reaching out to her please? Also may ai ask how much she charges? Thank you so much!

  15. I apologize for not answering questions regarding my daughter sooner.
    I would love to share her story with those who are interested. You can email me : alipkin55@gmail.com.
    My daughter has been treated by Maggie for over two years now and she is doing fantastic!! She’s about to go off to London for a semester abroad. I am convinced that there is a cure for lyme and its only through the use of herbs. The road to recovery is long and expensive, i will not lie to you, but full recovery is possible through an herbal protocol.
    What is Maggies magic? Very simple and totally affective. She restores immune system and cleans out tocsins from the blood. Your body does the rest.
    I have done extensive research over the years and I found others who have been very successful treating lyme using only herbs.
    Sadly most people still believe that antibiotics is the only way to go and that there is no cure for lyme. I have to disagree. I know better now.

    Rob, i am so sorry to hear that you had to stop treatment. Maggie mentioned you many times to me.

  16. Hi Rob,
    Theres a lyme center about to open in Stamford. Maggie may be involved in that. I also have other herbal solutions for those who are interested.
    My daughter was cured by Maggie but it took a few years. Well…I don’t know if i can use the term cured because theres no way to check for sure, but she’s symptom free for a while now.
    Please contact me at alipkin55gmail.com if anyone is interested.
    Theres an herb called, Phyllanthus Niruri, that seems to knockout lyme in six months.

  17. 1500 to 1700 for me

  18. Maryann,
    Thanks for your feedback. Do the numbers you posted represent your total treatments or a series of services? Could you please elaborate.
    Best regards,

  19. Hi Rob

    It is the monthly cost on my end. I sometimes take more than advised so I tend to run out sooner than expected. Do you still see her? If so, how often? How are you doing in these days?

  20. I am taking my son to see Maggie on Monday (we are from Michigan and were referred by Julie from Michigan who commented above), maryann, how are you doing? I’m nervous if the cost is that much, but, at this point the cost doesn’t matter if the treatment works, I’m just praying it does. My son’s symptoms are mostly psychological though (anxiety, ocd) besides fatigue, but, he has a huge bartonella rash on his back so I’m hoping she can help us? Has anyone had anxiety sypmtoms be helped by these treatments? Thanks and I hope everyone is doing well

    • Laura,
      I’m very sorry to hear about your son’s illness.
      As you know, LD is a very pervasive disease that may affect each of us differently.
      As for me, I tried nearly every treatment that was recommended and even saw the top Lyme literate doctors in the tri-state area. After 10 years of daily intravenous antibiotics, I then turned to Maggie. Her treatment absolutely detoxed me from the damage of all the antibiotics and rebuilt my immune system. In addition, I’m certain that LD is not my problem today. I am still crippled from all the nerve damage I have accumulated over 25 years, but dementia and a host of other problems have all cleared. Needless to say, I’m very grateful.
      As for others that had psychological problems, etc., I have seen Maggie help them in miraculous ways. But don’t get me wrong, I was very skeptical at first. And spoke to many of her patients to find out their story. And no matter where they started, they all seemed to have similar results which were very positive.
      I’m not certain how much your trip from Michigan and the treatments are costing, but compared to the 20,000 dollars per month cost of antibiotics, Maggie is insanely less expensive.
      One last note, Dr. Jones the famous pediatrician highly recommended Maggie to many of his patients. And they too showed very good results.
      All the best,

  21. Thanks for taking the time to respond Rob! It does give me some hope. I wish there was a guarantee that it will help my son, but, I guess we are meant to find out for ourselves in time. I will try to post updates as time goes on.

  22. hi my name is Marty I am seeing Maggie now for peripheral neuropathy, i been seeing her now about 8 weeks and its to early to to tell how i am doing, but I do like the idea of using her teas for detox, she is a very good listener and I know so a few people from my support group who she has helped get better or at least big results, i will keep site updated with my progress. feel free to reach out f you have questions…but one thing is for sure there is a waiting list and she is very busy.

    • Marty,
      I’m glad to see that you took the leap and saw Maggie.
      As you can imagine, it takes a fairly long time to develop neuropathy so I would imagine it would take a considerable amount of time to reverse the damage.
      For me, the detox process was a huge improvement. After 10 years of daily antibiotics, it felt great to get my mind and energy back. But I must say that the nerve damage that was caused from the Lyme has been slow in coming.
      Like most of her patients, I was skeptical. But after talking to several of her patients and the successes theyhad experienced From her treatment, I learned to be patient. And I must say that many of them were much worse than I.
      All the best,

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