262 – Babesia

Video: Life cycle of babesia microti

Lyme isn’t the only risk from ticks


2 Responses to “262 – Babesia”

  1. What about Babesia Duncani? How is it different from Babesia Microti? How is treatment different?
    How does one know When to stop the antibiotics and anti-malarial meds; what’s the end game How do you know you’re good? That you’ve had enough treatment?
    My friend says one will always test positive for these even when u are symptom free?

    • Cindi,
      You raise a very interesting question, how does one know when to stop treatment?

      Of course, that is very difficult to answer. As you probably know, once your antibodies begin fighting the disease you will always show positive for Lyme disease. Obviously, the tests are no longer very reliable for determining if you have kicked the problem.

      For me, after 10 years of daily intravenous antibiotics and several other concurrent antibiotic pills, I spent the next couple of years rebuilding my immune system. Afterwards, I surmised that never experiencing Herx reactions or any other Lyme symptoms, was a telltale sign that I had licked the disease.

      Even so, after 25 years of having the disease, the insurmountable nerve damage I have accumulated is the last of my tribulations.

      So just to recap, I believe the lack of Herx reactions gives me confidence that I have overcome the worst of it.

      All best,

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