550 – Vit C & Sea Salt

Several chronic patients that I have met have tried this low cost treatment with positive results.  It should only be attempted under doctor supervision and never for more than a few days at a time.  I tried it myself and experienced some discomfort in my kidney area.  This frightened me, so I stopped immediately.



Vitamin C: ample amounts of vitamin c in your diet helps your immune system combat the disease.

Sea Salt: The Lyme spirochete is very much like the Syphilis spirochete.  For generations before antibiotics, the traditional treatment for syphilis was salt pills.  Similar to how garden slugs die when salt is sprinkled over them,  The same is true for the spirochetes that come in contact with salt in your body,

Administered four tspns daily

Concerns:  excessive salt in your diet is highly dangerous.  This treatment should not be attempted without doctor supervision.

5 Responses to “550 – Vit C & Sea Salt”

  1. Gary, I would love to have a discussion with you. I just watched your follow-up (one year later) and thought it was another person. I am so so sorry that you have worsened, and I am also scared by it. I just came upon your page earlier this evening. I am going to do more reading here and then email you. Bless you brother and I hope the powers that be can help us all someday. Hugs,

    • I believe Alice is correct…I compared your other previous videos and you appear to be degrading. Also, you’re playing with fire messing with your salt balance in your system especially after reading recent research that magnesium (Mn++) and zinc (Zn++) are elements under certain temp conditions appear to be involved in this spirochete’s regulation (which is unique from other organisms). Sea salt contains other elements (cations++)…it’s unlike table salt containing the sodium (Na++) cation. In short, what you are recommending to others to self medicate in this manner appears to be extremely dangerous!

      Click to access zii2743.pdf

  2. I just read about this protocol today in , “The top ten Lyme Disease Treatments”. I’m intrigued and look forward to seeing how you do!
    My potassium is currently low, as are my sodium levels, so I can’t see this not being a good thing..I’m taking antibiotics, but would just love to get off them. Thanks for posting!

  3. six years ago I was fighting what I thought was s loosing battle. agaisnt Lyme came a cross sea salt being a good fix I had been sick a couple of yrs started on sea salt bit c and d in about six months I was feeling fine again. I spent alot of money on design who did not help me I say try the salt nothing to loose

  4. The link I am attaching offers a lot of hope. There are protocols offered for Lyme here (and many other diseases including Autsim) You can search ailments by going to the far right column. This stuff (MMS)really works!! Good Luck!!


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